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Table 4 Health worker earnings as a multiple of GDP per capita

From: Global health worker salary estimates: an econometric analysis of global earnings data

World bank income categories Health worker cadre Average earnings index (multiple of GDP per capita)
High-income countries Physicians 1.9
Nurses and midwives 1.5
Other health workers 0.9
Upper-middle-income countries Physicians 2.7
Nurses and midwives 2.2
Other health workers 1.3
Lower-middle-income countries Physicians 5.1
Nurses and midwives 4.2
Other health workers 2.4
Lower-income countries Physicians 7.8
Nurses and midwives 6.4
Other health workers 3.7
Global Physicians 4.4
Nurses and midwives 3.6
Other health workers 2.1