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Table 3 Summary of data sources and methodology for missing value imputation

From: Disease control programme support costs: an update of WHO-CHOICE methodology, price databases and quantity assumptions

Variable Source Method for estimating country level data
GDP International Monetary Fund [30] n/a
Population United Nations Population Division [31] n/a
Exchange rate WHO Global Health Expenditure Database [3] Iterative Robust Model Based Imputation [6]
Administrative divisions Statoids: Administrative Divisions of Countries [4] Iterative Robust Model Based Imputation [6]
Healthcare facilities WHO 2013 Country Survey on Medical Devices and Healthcare Facilities [5] Iterative Robust Model Based Imputation [6]
Travel allowance and per diem International Civil Service Commission DSA Circular Report for July 2010 [8] Comparison to cost-of-living index and reduction to 20% of ICSC rate
Vehicles The United Nations Office for Project Services [9] n/a
Fuel prices World Bank [10] Iterative Robust Model Based Imputation [6]
Cold chain WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) Catalogue [13]
UNICEF’s Supply Catalogue [14]
Generators WHO PQS Catalogue [13] n/a
Electricity International Energy Agency’s (IEA) quarterly publication Energy Prices and Taxes [15] Linear regression
Water Global Water Intelligence (GWI) Survey for 2011 [16] Iterative Robust Model Based Imputation [6]
Office supplies 2014 Global Supply Catalogue [19] n/a
Information and communication technology International Telecommunications Union [17] Multiple imputation by chained equations [32, 33], System Generalized Method of Moments [34]
Media   Linear regression