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Table 1 Scope of programme support costs vis-a-vis other cost categories within two types of WHO-CHOICE analysis

From: Disease control programme support costs: an update of WHO-CHOICE methodology, price databases and quantity assumptions

Area of work at global level Economic evaluation e.g. WHO CHOICE Global resource needs assessments e.g. SDG health price tag
Costs directly related to individual intervention delivery (patient costs) Medicines, diagnostic tests, other consumables Medicines, diagnostic tests, other consumables
Behaviour change communication Behaviour change communication
Health facility visit unit costs, incorporating health system costs  
Costs related to delivery of a health programme e.g. NCD, maternal and child health (programme costs) Personnel Personnel
Materials and supplies Materials and supplies
Media Media
Transport Transport
Equipment Equipment
Maintenance Maintenance
Utilities Utilities
Costs related to health system functions (system costs) Supply chain Supply chain
  Health workforce
  Health infrastructure and equipment
  Health financing
  Health information systems