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Table 4 Costs for acute episodes of pneumococcal diseases [10]

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of a universal mass vaccination program with a PHiD-CV 2+1 schedule in Malaysia

  Weighted average cost (USD 2014)a Rangeb % PSA distribution
Meningitis—hospitalized 1717 ±20 Triangular
Bacteremia—hospitalized 838 ±20 Triangular
Pneumonia—ospitalized 989 ±20 Triangular
Pneumonia—outpatient 164 ±20 Triangular
AOM—hospitalized (myringotomy) 583 ±20 Triangular
AOM—GP consultation 191 ±20 Triangular
  1. AOM acute otitis media, GP general practitioner, MYR Malaysian Ringgits, USD United States dollars, PSA probabilistic sensitivity analysis
  2. a2010 data in MYR from Aljunid et al. [10] (calculated as Cost all divided by Total cases per year) were inflated to 2014 values (consumer price index for heath for Malaysia of 111.4 [47]) and then converted to USD (3.5 MYR = 1 USD [24])
  3. bRanges used in the one-way sensitivity analyses