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Table 3 Treatment-related model inputs

From: Estimating the cost-effectiveness of daclatasvir + sofosbuvir versus sofosbuvir + ribavirin for patients with genotype 3 hepatitis C virus

Regimen Duration (weeks) Acquisition cost SVR Disutility
Per week (£) Source Population % Source Mean Source
DCV + SOF 12 4958.37 Monthly index of medical specialities Treatment-naïve 96.4 MAIC [30] 0.035 Estimated from [37]
Treatment-experienced 83.2
Interferon-ineligible/intolerant 88.8a
SOF + RBV 24 2982.19 Monthly index of medical specialities Treatment-naïve 94.3 MAIC [30] 0.048 Estimated from [38]
Treatment-experienced 78.6
Interferon-ineligible/intolerant 85.2a
No treatment NA 0 NA Interferon-ineligible/intolerant 0 Assumed 0 NA
  1. DCV daclatasvir, NA not applicable, MAIC matching-adjusted indirect comparison, RBV ribavirin, SOF sofosbuvir, SVR sustained virologic response
  2. aAssumed, based on pooled treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced subgroups