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Table 2 Program level costs obtained from key informant interviews

From: Cost effectiveness of pre-referral antimalarial treatment in severe malaria among children in sub-Saharan Africa

Item Cost ($)
Implementation costs
 Training of trainers for case management (per person) 552.2
 Training of healthcare workers (per person) 496.9
 Training of CHWs (per person) 25.1
 Monitoring and evaluation 96,625.4 (62,633–195,890.8)
 Printing of guidelines (each) 12.4
 Printing of manuals (each) 25.8
Acquisition costs
 I.m artesunate (per vial) 1.49–1.62
 I.m quinine (per vial) 0.20
 Rectal artesunate (50 mg) 0.105–0.350
Procurement 2%
Warehousing 3%
Distribution 5%
Personnel monthly salaries
 CHW 41.4–165.63
 HCW (nurse) 1242.23–2070.39
  1. CHW community healthcare worker, HCW healthcare worker