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Table 1 Epidemiological parameters used in calculating Disability Adjusted Life Years

From: Cost effectiveness of pre-referral antimalarial treatment in severe malaria among children in sub-Saharan Africa

Epidemiological prevalence and effectiveness Point estimate (%)
Inpatient case fatality rate of malaria 7.5
Case fatality rate of untreated malaria 70.0
Average length of in-hospital stay 5.0
Effectiveness of rectal artesunate 49.0
Probability of neurological sequelae 3.0
Probability of anemia 18
Assumed effectiveness of i.m quinine vs rectal 90
Assumed effectiveness of i.m artesunate vs rectal 120
Life expectancy
 Males (0–1 year) 63.1
 Females (0–1 year) 65.6
 Males (1–4 year) 65
 Females (1–4 year) 67.5
Disability weights
 Malaria episode 0.211
 Neurological sequelae 0.471
 Anemia 0.013