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TableĀ 1 Summary of modeled innovations

From: Modeling the potential impact of emerging innovations on achievement of Sustainable Development Goals related to maternal, newborn, and child health

Innovation class Innovations Health condition(s) Treatment continuum Platform Target SDG population
New formulations of oxytocin 1) Inhaled oxytocin
2) Sublingual oxytocin
Postpartum hemorrhage (atony) Prevention and treatment Drug Mothers
Uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) Every Second Matters UBT (ESM-UBT) Postpartum hemorrhage (atony) Treatment Device Mothers
Simple, safe device for assisted delivery Odon devicea Prolonged and obstructed labor Treatment Device Mothers and neonates
Chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care 1) Chlorhexidine liquid
2) Chlorhexidine gel
Sepsis Prevention Drug Neonates
New treatments for severe diarrhea 1) DiaResQ
2) Qwell
Diarrhea Treatment Therapeutics Children under 5
New tools for small-scale water treatment Zimba automated batch chlorinator Diarrhea Prevention Device Children under 5
Portable pulse oximeters to measure oxygen Non-contact mobile oximeter Pneumonia Diagnosis Device Children under 5
Better respiratory rate monitors INSPIRE respiratory rate monitor Pneumonia Diagnosis Device Children under 5
  1. Source: IC2030 project team
  2. aAlthough the Odon device was modeled for use only during prolonged and obstructed labor, this device may help to reduce morbidity and mortality in other use cases