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Table 3 Summary of study characteristics and costs per DALY averted for interventions targeting children

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of malaria interventions using disability adjusted life years: a systematic review

References Publication year Country/region Malaria intervention Main data sources Life tables source Cost-effectiveness threshold used Cost-effectiveness ratio (cost per DALY averted) DALYs averted per $ 1 million spent on intervention
[1] 2000 Tanzania Chemoprophylaxis Clinical trial
Passive case detection
Model life table West 25 and 26 US$30–US$ 150 $11–12 86,956
[2] 2008 Togo LLITNs Regional estimates
Financial records and interviews
Togo life tables US$30–US$ 150 $16.39 61,013
[3] 2009 Mozambique and Tanzania Intermittent preventive treatment in infants (IPTi) Expanded program on immunization East African life table US$ 30 and US$ 150 $3.70 in Tanzania 270,270
$11.20 in Mozambique 89,286
[4] 2010 Multi-country Intermittent preventive
Treatment (ITP)
Model Country-specific US$ 202 $2.90–$39.63 47,170
[5] 2010   Pre-referral rectal artenusate   Sub-Saharan Africa life table 1–3 times GDP per capita I$77c (at full uptake) 12,987
[6] 2011 Multi-country (Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria) Parenteral artenusate Clinical trials Country-specific (3 countries) US$30–US$ 150 $123a 8130
[7] 2011 Model Intermittent
preventive treatment in infants (IPTi) and children (IPTc)
Simulation model
Clinical trials
East African life table US$ 37–US$223 <$100 <10,000
[8] 2014 Africa Dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine (DP) and artemether–lumefantrine (AL) Randomised trials WHO African sub-region life table Not stated $0.96 per child over one yearb Not applicable
[9] 2014 Malawi Vaccines and Lon lasting insecticide treated nets (LLITNs) Published sources Malawian life table 1–3 times GDP per capita $145.03 (from a health service perspective 6895
[10] 2014 Tanzania Dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine
Published studies
Health facility
Tanzanian life table US$ 30–US$ 150
GDP per capita
$12.40–12.54 80,192
  1. aThese were DALYs averted after treatment with artenusate compared to quinine as a baseline
  2. bFirst-line treatment with dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine (DP) compared to artemether–lumefantrine saved $0.96
  3. cI$ stands for international dollars