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Table 2 Variables and values used in the sensitivity analyses

From: Economic evaluation of participatory learning and action with women’s groups facilitated by Accredited Social Health Activists to improve birth outcomes in rural eastern India

Variable Lower limit Base-case scenario Upper limit Reasoning
Changing discount rate (base case 3% both costs and outcomes) WHO guide to cost-effectiveness analysis. Geneva: World Health Organization, 2003.
  Costs 0%, life-years 0% 3% Costs 6%, life-years 3%
Exchange rate (USD to INR) 50 68.07   Observed variation during the trial period
Number of neo-natal deaths averted 18 50 76 The upper and lower limits of the 95% confidence interval of odds ratio of reduction in neo-natal mortality
Life-expectancy at birth (years) 68.5a 86   Consistent with standard practice in economic assessment to take standard expected life expectancy. GBD-2010
  1. a Life expectancy at birth 2016 in India (