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Table 3 ISPOR MCDA good practice guidelines checklist

From: International lessons in new methods for grading and integrating cost effectiveness evidence into clinical practice guidelines

Defining the decision problem Develop a clear description of the decision problem
Validate and report the decision problem
Selecting and structuring criteria Report and justify the methods used to identify criteria
Report and justify the criteria definitions
Validate and report the criteria and the value tree
Measure performance Report and justify the sources used to measure performance
Validate and report the performance matrix
Scoring alternatives Report and justify the methods used for scoring
Validate and report scores
Weighting criteria Report and justify the methods used for weighting
Validate and report weights
Calculating aggregate scores Report and justify the aggregation function used
Validate and report results of the aggregation
Dealing with uncertainty Report sources of uncertainty
Report and justify the uncertainty analysis
Reporting and examining of findings Report the MCDA method and findings
Examine the MCDA findings