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Table 7 Incremental cost/LYG

From: The value of using a brain laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) system in patients presenting with high grade gliomas where maximal safe resection may not be feasible

Therapy Cost Overall survival (OS) [months] Incremental cost/increment month survival in using brain LITT Incremental cost/LYG using brain LITT
Biopsy $63,458 12.52 $4046/mth $48,552/LYG
Craniotomy (includes ± carmustine wafer) $87,654 16.94 $795/mth $8458/LYG
OTHER TREATMENTS-combines craniotomy plus biopsy) $82,331 15.97 $2445/mth $29,340/LYG
Brain LITT $89,839 19.04 N/A N/A