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Table 2 Different interventions included in the unit cost estimates

From: Matching comprehensive health insurance reimbursements to their real costs: the case of antenatal care visits in a region of Peru

  Full ANC visit SIS fee covered services 1st ANC visit ANC visit other than the 1st
Attendance to ANC officea X Xe X X
General support servicesb X Xe X X
1st Laboratory testc X   X  
2nd Laboratory testd X    X
Echography X   X  
Psychology screening X   X  
Dental care screening X   X  
Nutrition screening X   X  
  1. aSyphilis and HIV rapid test, iron and folic acid administration and midwife attendance
  2. bAdmission, Triage, SIS office (only first ANC visit) and tetanus vaccination
  3. cHaemoglobin, haematocrit, Rh factor, glucose and urine test
  4. dEqual to first laboratory test plus RPR and HIV test
  5. eOnly recurrent cost and excluding salaries