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Table 1 Interventions that must be provided to healthy women during pregnancy

From: Matching comprehensive health insurance reimbursements to their real costs: the case of antenatal care visits in a region of Peru

Intervention Visit Service involved
Midwife ANC attendancea All visits ANC office, triage, admission and pharmacy
Laboratory testsb 1st and 5th visits Laboratory
Tetanus vaccination As soon as possible Immunization service
Iron plus folic acid All visits from 4th month of gestational age ANC office and pharmacy
Nutrition screening 1st Nutrition service
Psychology screening 1st Psychiatric service
Dental care screening 1st Dental care service
Echography 1st and 5th visits Echography service
  1. aClinic history, vital signs, risk factor assessment for complicated pregnancy, iron administration and syphilis and HIV rapid test (this only in the 1st visit)
  2. b1st visit: Haemoglobin or haematocrit, Rh factor, glucose and urine test; 5th visit: equal to 1st visit plus RPR and HIV test