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Table 2 Phases of lung cancer clinical course and Quality of Life (QoL)

From: Is chest X-ray screening for lung cancer in smokers cost-effective? Evidence from a population-based study in Italy

Phase of clinical course of lung cancer QoL Index
NSCLC (baseline) SCLC (baseline) NSCLC (alternative scenario)a SCLC (alternative scenario)a
1. Period of diagnosis 0.88d 0.95d 0.825d 0.605d
2. Chemotherapy 0.82a 0.83a 0.573c 0.353c
3. Postoperative 0.80b 0.80d 0.825c 0.605c
4. Free of disease 0.88a 0.95a 0.825c 0.605c
5. Disease progression 0.69a 0.31a 0.573c 0.353c
6. Terminal phase 0.60b 0.31d 0.573c 0.353c
  1. NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, SCLC small cell lung cancer
  2. aAlternative scenario described in “Methods”; Earle et al. [33]
  3. bManser et al. [31]
  4. cSturza [32]
  5. dWhere specific information on the QoL index could not be retrieved from the literature, we made the following assumptions: In column 2, for the “postoperative” phase we assumed the index for SCLC to be the same as for NSCLC, Line 1 is the same as line 3, In column 2, for the “terminal” phase we assume the index to be the same as for the “progression”