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Table 2 Scale-up and Affordability of the interventions in 2010

From: Cost-effectiveness and affordability of community mobilisation through women’s groups and quality improvement in health facilities (MaiKhanda trial) in Malawi

  Trial (per year) Nationwide scale-up (per year) ratio
Population (mothers and babiesa) 96,000b 1,201,096c 12.51
CI annual implementation costd ($) 2,216,315 27,729,225 12.51e
FI annual implementation costd ($) 2,324,156 29,078,474 12.51e
FICI annual implementation costd ($) 4,540,471f 56,807,699 12.51e
CI cost per persong ($) 23.09 23.09 1
FI cost per persong ($) 24.21 24.21 1
FICI cost per persong ($) 47.30 47.30 1
Total MNH expenditure in Malawi ($)   410,354,347  
per person expenditure on MNH in Malawi ($)   341.65  
proportion of MNH budget spent on CI   6.8%  
proportion of MNH budget spent on FI   7.1%  
proportion of MNH budget spent on FICI   13.8%  
  1. $ constant 2013 international dollars; CI = Community Intervention; FI = Facility Intervention; FICI = Facility and Community Interventions combined; MNH = Maternal and Neonatal Health.
  2. aOnly one baby per mother per year assumed on average.
  3. bThis is the estimated total population of 1,200,000 (based on average size of health centre catchment area (cluster) [5]) multiplied by an estimated Crude Birth Rate (CBR) of 0.04 per person per year [2], multiplied by two to reflect the mother and the baby separately.
  4. cTotal population of Malawi in 2010: 15,013,694 [14] multiplied by CBR of 0.04 multiplied by two.
  5. dRecurring plus external costs (see Table 1).
  6. eRatio of trial to national population applied to trial costs to estimate nationwide costs per year.
  7. fThis is the recurring plus external costs of FICI from the trial multiplied by two to reflect what the cost of FICI would have been if in the same area (two arms) of the trial as CI or FI (so that the trial to scale-up population ratio is still valid).
  8. gMother and baby counted separately.