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Table 2 Estimates for the disability-stratified stroke-simulation model

From: Lifetime health effects and medical costs of integrated stroke services - a non-randomized controlled cluster-trial based life table approach

Parameter Unit Data source Value*
Epidemiological measure:    
Age distribution incident strokes Rate Jager [34] 8.46
All cause mortality Rate Statistics Netherlands [35] 33.0
Stroke mortality Rate   1.9
Cardiovascular mortality Rate   8.4
Death from stroke Ratio Herman [36]/Bamford [37] 0.21
Recurrent after mRS 0-3 Relative risk Hoogen [38]/Dennis [39]/Dutch TIA Trial [40]  
   first year < 75 years    0.09
  > 75 years    
   subsequent years     0.05
Late death from mRS 4-5 Ratio Howard [41, 42] 0.15
Death from cardiac disease after mRS 0-3 stroke Relative risk Dutch TIA Trial[40]/Howard [41, 42] 0.038
  after mRS 4-5 stroke Relative risk Howard [41, 42] 0.06
Utility weights for stroke disability categories - EDISSE data [14] 0-1
Disability after stroke (first-ever and recurrent) mRS   1-5
Hazard ratios:    
Excess cardiovascular death mRS 0-1:mRS 2-3 Hazard ratio LiLAC study Group [18] 1.25
  mRS 4:mRS 5 Hazard ratio   1.25
Recurrent stroke mRS 0-1:mRS 2-3 Hazard ratio   1.34
  mRS 4:mRS 5 Hazard ratio   1.34
  1. Note: * number per 1,000 or probability for men aged 70-75. The ratio reported in the Lilac study concerned all vascular events. We assume that the hazard ratio is equal for both cardiovascular event and other vascular events.