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Table 2 Unit cost estimates for selected items used in the cost analysis (2005 US$)

From: The economic burden of inpatient paediatric care in Kenya: household and provider costs for treatment of pneumonia, malaria and meningitis

Investigation/Procedure Unit cost
(2005 US$)
Inter costal drainage 21.91 Kilifi District hospital
Blood transfusion 34.60 National blood transfusion centre
Resuscitation 3.78 Tenwek Mission Hospital
Chest X-ray 1.94 Kilifi costing, KNH
Blood count 8.26 Kilifi District hospital
Lumbar puncture laboratory supplies 1.40 NetSPEAR*
CSF Kenyatta procedures 37.80 Kenyatta National Hospital
CSF Kilifi procedures 14.69 Kilifi District hospital
Blood culture 18.36 Kilifi District hospital
HIV test 3.68 Kilifi District hospital
Ultrasound 6.05 Kenyatta National Hospital
Electrolytes 4.04 Kilifi District hospital
Glucose 3.68 Kilifi District hospital
Blood slide for malaria parasites 3.50 Kenyatta National Hospital
Other microbiology 14.69 Kilifi District hospital
Day in Kenyatta National Hospital 17.46 Guinness et al (2002)[16]
  8.85 WHO CHOICE 2005
Day in provincial hospital 13.52 Average Nganda et al (2003)[17] & Guinness et al 2002[16]
  6.48 WHO CHOICE 2005
Day in primary referral hospital 9.57 Nganda et al (2003)[17]
  4.97 WHO CHOICE 2005
  1. *NetSPEAR – The Network for Surveillance of Pneumococcal Disease in the East African Region
  2. CSF: Cerebrospinal fluid