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Table 1 Assumptions, distributions and sources of model parameters

From: Cost effectiveness of community-based therapeutic care for children with severe acute malnutrition in Zambia: decision tree model

Parameter Mean Standard error* Source and comments
Do nothing option    
Mortality without CTC (HIV-) 0.18 0.045 [14] SE assumed.
Relative risk of death with HIV, no CTC 2.0 0.5 [18] SE assumed
Prevalence of HIV in under fives 0.15 0.0375 [16, 17] SE assumed.
CTC option    
Death rate during CTC 0.026 0.0032 Programme data.
Proportion defaulting from CTC 0.172 0.0075 Programme data.
Death rate in defaulters from CTC 0.058 0.029 Assumed. SE set so 95% CI is +/- 100% of mean
Hospital referral rate from CTC 0.059 0.0047 Programme data.
Death rate in hospital 0.37 0.093 UTH data. SE assumed
Mortality within a year of recovery 0.0364 0.0091 [19]
Expected DALYs if child recovers 33.3 NA [5]
Costs (CTC option only)    
No. weeks of CTC – recovered 6.6 1.6 Programme data.
No. weeks of CTC – referred 4.8 1.1 Programme data.
No. weeks of CTC – died 3.6 1.6 Programme data.
No. weeks of CTC – defaulted 5.1 1.5 Programme data.
Cost per health centre visit $4.24 $1.06 LDMHT. SE assumed.
Cost per kg of RUTF $6.10 $1.53 Valid International. SE assumed.
Kg of RUTF per week per child 1.90 0.016 Programme data.
Cost of community mobilisation per child $1.06 $0.27 LDMHT. SE assumed
Valid cost per child $68.69 $17.17 Valid International. SE assumed.
Cost per day in hospital $41.35 $10.34 [24] SE assumed.
Days in hospital 14 3.5 UTH data. SE assumed.
  1. * SE standard errors for probabilistic sensitivity analysis; normal distributions assumed.
  2. CI confidence interval. $ international dollars, year 2008. NA not applicable. UTH Lusaka University Teaching Hospital