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Table 4 Indirect ART clinic costs, overhead, and societal costs ($US)

From: The cost of antiretroviral therapy in Haiti

  Mean cost per patient for total cohort for 1st year ART ($US) Mean cost per patient in care for one year ($US)
Indirect ART clinic-related costs   
Transportation and storage of medications, equipment, and supplies 8 9
ART clinic computers and furniture 18 21
Overhead costs   
Monitoring and evaluation 19 22
Non-direct patient care time for health care professionals 24 28
Labor for administrative staff 3 4
Electricity 15 18
Maintenance 15 18
Phone and communication 3 4
Office supplies 5 6
Cleaning supplies 3 4
Security 1 1
Total indirect and overhead costs 114 135
Societal costs   
Transportation to and from GHESKIO* 16 19
Patient Time at GHESKIO 5 6
Societal costs for outside referrals (transportation and patient waiting time) 0.5 1
Societal costs for hospitalization (transportation and waiting time for patients and family members, and cost of death in the hospital) 0.5 1
Total societal costs 22 27
  1. *GHESKIO subsidized transportation fees for all patients ($US 0.60 per ART visit; mean subsidy per patient $US 7.56 per year).