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Table 5 Formulas for estimating averted direct medical costs of HIV

From: Formulas for estimating the costs averted by sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention programs in the United States

HIV costs averted by reducing HIV transmission through treatment of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis
Chlamydia [(Ĉw + Ĉm)(0.0011)(0.25)(0.75)($198,471)] + [(Ĉmsm)(0.0011)(0.25)(0.50)(0.25)($198,471)]
Gonorrhea [(Ĝw + Ĝm)(0.0007)(0.25)(0.75)($198,471)] + [(Ĝmsm)(0.0007)(0.25)(0.50)(0.25)($198,471)]
Syphilis [(Ŝw + Ŝm)(0.02386)(0.25)(0.75)($198,471)] + [(Ŝmsm)(0.02386)(0.25)(0.50)(0.25)($198,471)]
HIV costs averted by HIV counseling and testing
  [(X12 + Y12)(0.00045)(0.75)(0.875)($198,471)] + [(Z12)(0.00045)(0.50)(0.25)(0.875)($198,471)]
  1. The Ci, Gi, Si, Ĉi, Ĝi, and Ŝi terms are defined in Table 3. The Xi, Yi, and Zi terms are defined in Table 2. Syphilis cases include primary and secondary (P&S) syphilis only.