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Table 1 Sampling and methods of data collection for the AP financial dataset and case study datasets used in the cost function estimations

From: A cost function for HIV prevention services: is there a 'u' – shape?

  Financial dataset Case study dataset §
Sample frame 101 NGO HIV prevention projects implementing targeted interventions under contract to APSACS~ 40 NGO HIV prevention interventions targeted at commercial sex workers and their clients, contracted by CAPACS*, CCOORR**, APSACS~ and TNSACS#
Sample size 78 projects from the sampling frame. Exclusion criteria related to non response, missing documentation, mis-reporting in outputs and termination of project 16 purposively selected NGO HIV prevention projects based on geographical location, a range of HIV experience and agency knowledge of quality of services
Data collection instruments Project reported quarterly expenditure statements submitted to and collected from the management agency alongside a postal survey of NGOs to collate information on coverage and organisational characteristics." Economic cost and coverage data collected using an ingredients approach based on the UNAIDS costing guidelines [44] during project visits and using routine monitoring records. Costs also include those incurred for technical support, monitoring and contractual management costs at the funding and management agency levels.
  1. § For more information about this dataset, see [28]; *Chennai Corporation AIDS Prevention and Control Society; **Christian Council for Rural Development and Research; ~ Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society;#Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society.