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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Economic evaluations of non-communicable disease interventions in developing countries: a critical review of the evidence base

1 Medline, HealthStar, PreMedline and PubMed
Thesaurus cost-benefit analysis [all subheadings] combined with thesaurus: Malignant Neoplasms, Cancer, Diabetes, Nutritional and endocrine, Neuropsychiatric, Sense organ, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Congenital abnormalities, Oral health, Injuries.
2 Medline, HealthStar, NEED, King's Fund Library database, Science Citation Index (SCZZ), Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), Embase (EMZZ)
Text searches: cost* and benefit*; cost* and effect*; and cost* and utility* in combination with the above diseases