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Table 2 Scoring the options.

From: Priority setting of health interventions: the need for multi-criteria decision analysis

Options Cost-effectiveness Severity of disease Disease of the poor Age Total
Antiretroviral treatment in HIV/AIDS 50 100 100 0 70
Treatment of childhood pneumonia 100 100 100 100 100
Inpatient care for acute schizophrenia 0 50 0 0 5
Plastering for simple fractures 100 25 0 50 48
Weights 40 10 40 10  
  1. Preference scores for 'cost-effectiveness' are obviously inverse to its values, and are based on three categories: it scores 0 if the cost-effectiveness is higher than US$300 per DALY, 50 if between US$100 and US$300, and 100 if below US$100 per DALY. For 'disease of the poor', if the feature is present, it scores 100, otherwise 0. Preference scores for 'severity of disease' are scaled between 0 and 100 in proportion to their stars. Assuming decision makers have a preference to treat young people over old, '0–14 years' receives a score of 100, '15 years and older' a score of 0, and 'all ages' a score of 50. Preference scores are presented here for illustrative purposes only, and are arbitrary.