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Table 4 Total annual cost estimates of mild HAV infection for inpatients in sensitivity analysis, Kazakhstan, (2001 US$) in millions

From: Cost-analysis of different management policies for patients with mild hepatitis A virus infection in Kazakhstan

Analysis Treatment cost Productivity losses Total cost
Base case assumption 3.39 2.87 6.26
Value of medical services 4.89 2.87 7.76
Rural wage rate (KZT 5000 per month) § 3.39 0.98 4.37
Greater adjustment of hepatitis A under-reporting 12.59 12.07 24.66
  1. Note the total cost includes the treatment costs as well as productivity losses
  2. an estimated informal payment is included. When 80–90% informal payment is taken into account, the treatment costs were estimated at US$226.2 per inpatient.
  3. § reported wage rate based on the survey results
  4. annual incidence of hepatitis A as high as 500 per 100,000 (reported in the Central Asia Republics in 1998)