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Table 1 Stages in a PBMA priority setting process

From: Health care priority setting: principles, practice and challenges

PBMA Stages
1) Determine the aim and scope of the priority setting exercise
2) Compile a program budget (i.e. map of current activity and expenditure)
3) Form marginal analysis advisory panel
4) Determinie locally relevant decision making criteria
   a. Decision maker input
   b. Board of Director input
   c. Public input
5) Advisory panel to identify options in terms of:
   a. areas for service growth
   b. areas for resource release through producing same level of output (or outcomes) but with less resources
   c. areas for resource release through scaling back or stopping some services
6) Advisory panel to make recommendations in terms of:
   a. funding growth areas with new resources
   b. decisions to move resources from (5b) into (5a)
   c. trade-off decisions to move resources from (5c) to (5a) if relative value in (5c) is deemed greater than that in (5a)
7) Validity checks with additional stakeholders and final decisions to inform budget planning process