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Table 8 Summary of sensitivity analysis of the cost-effectiveness ratio

From: Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the implementation of Indoor Residual Spraying and distribution of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in the municipality of Kouandé and municipality of Copargo in Benin

  Urban zone Rural zone
  Copargo Centre (LLINs) Kouandé Centre (LLINs + IRS) Pabégou (LLINs) Guilmaro (LLINs + IRS)
CE Ratio in function of RR CI 95% RR = 0.25 [0.223;0.279] RR = 0.22 [0.208;0.240]
Cost -effectiveness Ratio if RR = lower limit 79,753.5 36,285.2 15,071.1 165,197.9
Cost -effectiveness Ratio if RR = average value 85,572.4 38,932.4 15,940.6 174,728.5
Cost -effectiveness Ratio if RR = upper limit 95,498.8 43,448.8 17,389.7 190,612.9
  1. The average values of the Cost-Effectiveness Ratio (CER) are included in the range of variability, indicating that CER is stable, not sensitive to parameter change.