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Table 5 Estimation of the cost savings by health care providers (S1) by municipality

From: Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the implementation of Indoor Residual Spraying and distribution of Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in the municipality of Kouandé and municipality of Copargo in Benin

Municipalities Number of uncomplicated malaria cases averted Cost of the MOD for uncomplicated malaria case Number of severe malaria cases averted MOD cost for severe malaria case (FCFA) Cost savings for health providers (FCFA)
  (a) (b) (c) (d) (a*b) + (c*d)
Copargo Centre 251.0 1,486.7 100 46,724.2 5,045,581.7
Guilmaro 392.0 307.1 16.0 1,335.3 141,748.0
Kouandé Centre 1,235.0 1,486.7 152.0 88,432.4 15,277,799.0
Pabégou 1,057.0 258.0 23.0 1,724.1 312,466.0
  1. Source: Epidemiological and cost data collection.