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Table 1 Estimation of the annual medical cost for the CHF patients according to NYHA class

From: Cost-utility of ferric carboxymaltose (Ferinject®) for iron-deficiency anemia patients with chronic heart failure in South Korea

  NYHA class  
  I II III IV Source
Average medical cost per CHF patient with IDA (1 year) (US$)
  Adjusted total medical cost: A 3,161 NHI claims data
  Total cost of IV iron treatment*: B 59 NHI claims data
  Adjusted total medical cost (excluding cost of IV iron treatment): C 3,102 (A-B)
Average healthcare resource use per CHF patient according to NYHA class (1 year)
  Days of hospital stay: D1 2.11 5.74 11.61 24.68 Clinical expert survey
  Numbers of outpatient visit: D2 3.76 4.92 7 11.32 Clinical expert survey
Average unit cost of healthcare resource use per CHF patient (US$)
  Inpatient cost per hospital day: E1 81 NHISY
  Outpatient cost per outpatient visit: E2 80 NHISY
Cost and cost ratio of CHF treatment according to NYHA class based on healthcare resource use
  CHF treatment cost (US$) 472 859 1,503 2,909 (D1×E1)+(D2×E2)
  Cost ratio 0.082 0.150 0.262 0.507  
Adjusted annual CHF medical cost per patient (excluding cost of IV iron treatment) according to NYHA class 1,019 1,857 3,246 6,285 C × cost ratio/0.25†
  1. CHF, chronic heart failure; IDA, iron-deficiency anemia; IV, intravenous; NYHA, New York Heart Association; NHI, national health insurance; NHISY, national health insurance statistical yearbook.
  2. *Includes drug cost and administration cost of IV iron.
  3. Because the adjusted medical cost excluding cost of IV iron treatment (C) is the average cost of patients with NYHA classes I, II, III, and IV, the cost ratio was divided by 0.25 to calculate the CHF medical cost according to NYHA class.