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Table 4 Base case results

From: Cost-effectiveness of community vegetable gardens for people living with HIV in Zimbabwe

Outcome LIG Comparator
Total cost in both areas (EUR) 2,028,493 146,611
Incremental cost of LIG (EUR) 1,881,882ǂ -?€-
Total societal cost per household (EUR) 1,525 110¥
Total institutional cost per household (EUR) 1,426 110¥
Total ACF cost per household (EUR) 1,317 -?€-
Probability of HDDS being in upper tertile 44.1% 32.8%
Probability of FCS being "acceptable" 59.1% 42.0%
# Beneficiary households 1,330 1,330¥
# LIGs constructed 37 -?€-
HDDS outcome:   
Incremental cost per household (EUR) 1,415 -?€-
Incremental effectiveness 0.1136 -?€-
ICER (€/household with HDDS in upper tertile) 12,456 -?€-
FCS outcome:   
Incremental cost per household (EUR) 1,415 -?€-
Incremental effectiveness 0.1705 -?€-
ICER (€/household with "acceptable" FCS) 8,299 -?€-
  1. HDDS: Household Dietary Diversity Score; FCS: Food Consumption Score.
  2. ǂIncremental costs represent the difference between total costs for LIG and other support programs.
  3. ¥Comparator households represent MDM beneficiaries participating in other support programs but not the LIG program. For the purposes of comparative analysis, it was assumed that 1,330 comparator households were participating in the other support programs, to match the number of LIG participant households.
  4. †Incremental costs were estimated from a societal perspective.