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Table 3 Cost comparison between LIG and other support programs received by comparator households (EUR)

From: Cost-effectiveness of community vegetable gardens for people living with HIV in Zimbabwe

Cost center inputs LIG Comparator‡
Community sensitization   
Institutional costs:   
  Personnel 23,668 11,913
  Support costs allocated* 37,217  
Cost center total (% total) 60,885 (3.0%) 11,913 (8.1%)
Garden set-up   
Institutional costs:   
  Personnel 50,515  
  Travel / transportation 459  
  Local office 111  
  Other costs, services 3,185  
  Program activities 299,289  
  Support costs allocated* 202,729  
Beneficiary costs:   
  Beneficiary time 24,709  
  Value of donated land 8,734  
Cost center total (% total) 589,731 (29.1%) -?€-
Training and capacity-building   
Institutional costs:   
  Personnel 110,274 10,695
  Local office 163  
  Program activities 115,060 50,461
  Support costs allocated* 373,115  
Beneficiary costs:   
  Beneficiary time¥ 73,542¥ 73,542
Cost center total (% total) 672,154 (33.1%) 134,698 (91.9%)
Garden upkeep, monitoring and follow-up   
Institutional costs:   
  Personnel 115,683  
  Travel / transportation 459  
  Local office 111  
  Program activities 77,232  
  Support costs allocated* 317,372  
Beneficiary costs:   
  Beneficiary time 163,412  
  Household income from vegetable sales† -138,272†  
Cost center total (% total) 535,997 (26.4%) -?€-
Conservation farming   
Institutional costs:   
  Personnel 17,494  
  Program activities 85,773  
  Support costs allocated* 66,459  
Cost center total (% total) 169,726 (8.4%) -?€-
Total cost 2,028,493 € 146,611 €
Institutional cost 1,896,368 € 73,069 €
Beneficiary cost 132,125 € 73,542 €
  1. Costs in this column represent other support programs received by comparator households, who did not participate in the LIG program. These additional HIV and agricultural support programs were received by all households (both LIG participants and comparators) and therefore represent common costs between both groups.
  2. *Support costs include cost of program management and support which are shared among program activities. These costs came from ACF accounting and so are assigned to the group receiving the LIG program, which ACF implemented. These costs were allocated to each program activity using an activity-based costing methodology.
  3. ¥This line represents beneficiary time in Agritex extension training sessions on general agricultural techniques; this is not an LIG-specific cost and is common to both LIG participants and comparator households.
  4. †This line represents the financial benefit to participant households from vegetable sales, included as a negative cost in this analysis.