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Table 2 Comparison of physical function questions

From: Modeling the indirect economic implications of musculoskeletal disorders and treatment

SF-36 physical function area National health interview survey
(1–3 points each)  
Moderate activities, such as moving a table, pushing a vacuum cleaner,bowling, or playing golf Push or pull large objects like a living room chair (1–3 points)
Lifting or carrying groceries Lift or carry a 10-pound bag (1–3 points)
Climbing several flights of stairs Walk up steps without resting (2–6 points)
Climbing one flight of stairs
Bending, kneeling, or stooping Stoop, bend, or kneel (1–3 points)
Walking more than a mile Walk a quarter of a mile (3–9 points)
Walking several blocks  
Walking one block  
Vigorous activities, such as running, lifting heavy objects, participating in strenuous sports **No corresponding variable in NHIS**
Bathing or dressing yourself  
  1. Note: for the SF-36 total points = 30 and the patient’s Functionality Index = (∑points)/30. For the NHIS total points = 24 and the patient’s Index = (∑points)/24.