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Table 1 Observed Improvement in SF-36 physical function scores

From: Modeling the indirect economic implications of musculoskeletal disorders and treatment

Study Treatment Pre-intervention score Improvement at 6 months Population
   (Sample size) (Sample size)  
Quintana et al.[21] THR 17.98 +34.44 Consecutive patients with diagnoses of osteoarthritis on waiting lists to undergo THR or TKR at 7 teaching hospitals in the Spanish National Health Service; patient medical records indicate THR/TKR was appropriate treatment; excludes patients with severe morbidity such as cancer or terminal condition.
  (N=575) (N=434)
TKR 19.49 +25.79
  (N=557) (N=414)
Jones et al.[19] TKR 21.0 +23.8 Prospective, longitudinal study of an inception cohort of surgical candidates in a Canadian health care region (Capital Health) between Feb 1996 and Feb 1998.
   (N=276) (N=273)
Jones et al.[18] THR 20 +30 Prospective, community-based cohort recommended for THR or TKR within a Canadian health care region (Edmonton, Alberta) between Dec 1995 and Jan 1997.
  (age <80) (N=163) (N=163)  
  THR 13 +26  
  (age ≥80) (N=34) (N=34)  
  TKR 21 +26  
  (age <80) (N=221) (N=221)  
  TKR 17 +18  
  (age ≥80) (N=35) (N=36)  
  1. Notes: THR (total hip replacement), TKR (total knee replacement).