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Table 4 Base case cost-effectiveness results

From: Protecting child health and nutrition status with ready-to-use food in addition to food assistance in urban Chad: a cost-effectiveness analysis

Outcome FA alone RUSF component
Total cost (EUR) 780,089 229,017
# children* in program 1,071 613
Total cost per child of FA alone* (EUR) 728 --
Incremental cost per child receiving RUSF* (EUR) -- 374
Episodes of diarrhea per child-month 1.17 0.81
Anemia prevalence 66.8% 56.5%
Diarrhea outcome:   
 Incremental cost† (EUR) -- 374
 Incremental effectiveness -- 0.36
 ICER (€/episode of diarrhea averted per child-month) -- 1,038
Anemia outcome:   
 Incremental cost (EUR) -- 374
 Incremental effectiveness -- 10.3%
 ICER (€/case of anemia averted) -- 3,627
  1. FA: Food Assistance; RUSF: Ready-to-use Supplementary Food; ICER: Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
  2. * Cost per child was calculated using the number of children included in the program at baseline, regardless of their outcome. The number of children in both programs was different: all children participated in the FA program (n = 1,071), a subset of these children received only FA (n = 458), another subset received RUSF in addition to FA (n = 613).