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Table 1 Summary of terms used in the model

From: Drug versus vaccine investment: a modelled comparison of economic incentives

Term Definition
B Budget threshold (regulator)
CA ji Cost avoided with technology j in year i
c c Annual cost of the disease per cohort before introduction of a new technology
C ji Cost associated with developing and selling technology j in year i
d Number of years after launch used for economic evaluations by the manufacturer
E ji Incremental quality-adjusted life-years gained from technology j in year i
j Technology indicator(j = 0 for treatment; j = 1 for prevention)
l Number of years required to develop technology before launch
M ji Gross margin for technology j in year i
t Time horizon in years used for economic evaluation (regulator)
n c Number of cohorts susceptible to the disease
P ji Price of technology j in year i
Q ji Quantity (demand) for technology j in year i
r m Discount rate used by manufacturer to evaluate investment
r r Discount rate used by regulator to evaluate new technologies
s Annual probability of children in susceptible cohorts becoming sick
S ji Sales of technology j in year i
ψ t ( r ) Discounting factor in the tth year, if the discount rate is r