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Table 3 Valuation of resources, in Euro 2012

From: Heterogeneity in cost-effectiveness of lifestyle counseling for metabolic syndrome risk groups -primary care patients in Sweden

Resource Unit Value
Wage, including wage taxes
General practioneer Hour 54
Higher official, politician Hour 45
Qualified nurse Hour 33
Primary care nurse Hour 26
Public health official Hour 25
Other primary healthcare personnel Hour 24
Project coordinator Hour 22
Assistant nurse Hour 22
Average wage including wage taxes
Public health office personnel Hour 39
Primary care personnel Hour 33
Sweden, for employed other sectors Hour 54
Patient costs
Time Hour 6
Fees Visit 11
Other resources
Standard medical testing Number 20
Photocopies Number 0.26
Meeting room Number 13
Fruit basket Number 13
Coffee incl cake 20 people 26
Lunch Number 9