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Table 1 Characteristics of school-based sexuality education programs

From: Cost analysis of school-based sexuality education programs in six countries

Country Nigeria Kenya Indonesia India Estonia The Netherlands
Name of SE program Family Life and HIV Education World Starts With Me Daku! Adolescent reproductive and sexual health curriculum Human Studies (SE is part of it) Long Live Love
Geographical area for program evaluation Lagos State 4 provinces 4 provinces Orissa State Whole country Whole country
Intra- / extra- curricular Intra-curricular Extra-curricular Extra-curricular Intra-curricular Intra-curricular Intra-curricular
Integrated / stand-alone Integrated Stand-alone Stand-alone Integrated Integrated Stand-alone
Targeted age-group 13-15 y 13 -16 y 15-17 y 13-16 y 7-14 y 13-15 y
Class Junior secondary school (grades 1–3) Secondary school (grades 1–4) Senior high school (grade 2) High school (grades 8–10) Basic school (grades 1–7) Secondary school(grade 2 or 3)
Program duration (years) 3 1 1 3 3(7) 1