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Table 1 List of active ingredients selected for the survey

From: The role of discounts and loss leaders in medicine procurement in Austrian hospitals - a primary survey of official and actual medicine prices

No. Active ingredient ATC code Key therapeutic area
1 Trastuzumab L01XC03 oncology
2 Docetaxel L01CD02 oncology
3 Rituximab L01XC02 oncology
4 Etanercept L04AB01 rheumatoid arthritis
5 Imatinib L01XE01 orphan/oncology
6 Immunoglobulin J06BA02 immunomodulation
7 Infliximab L04AB02 anti-inflammatory
8 Interferon beta-1α L03AB07 neurology-multiple sclerosis
9 Amlodipin C08CA01 cardiology
10 Simvastatin C10AA01 cardiology
11 Atorvastatin C10AA05 cardiology
12 Clopidogrel B01AC04 blood