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Table 1 Cost parameters for the male circumcision intervention

From: Efficient and equitable HIV prevention: A case study of male circumcision in South Africa

          Intervention        Costs (2007 US$)
Initial investment per circumcision facility CF 28,778
Initial training per circumciser C T 8,985
Salary of each circumciser C C 2,246
Salary of health care workers/counselors per circumciser 59% of circumciser’s C C
Cost of supplies per patient circumcised C S 11
Facility overhead costs 67% of direct salary and supply costs
Oversight and promotion costs 26% of facility-level costs
Number of MC realized per day per circumciser p C 10
Number of days worked by a circumciser in a year d 235*
  1. *235 = 365 days (1 year) – 52 weeks*2 (weekends) – 26 days (holidays).
  2. MC, male circumcision.
  3. Source: Auvert et al. (2008) [35].