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Table 2 Delivery cost estimates

From: Cost and cost effectiveness of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets - a model-based analysis

Delivery method Delivery cost per net (average and range; USD 2009) Country and source
Free campaign distribution (collection points or door-to-door) 2.73 (0.7, 9.0) Uganda* (separate data for two districts) [4], Kenya [19], Ghana [45], India [36]
Free distribution integrated to routine services (small scale) 2.65 (1.66, 3.95) Burkina Faso [40], Uganda* [4], Dem. Rep. Congo [51]
Free distribution integrated to routine services (large scale) 1.40 (0.78, 1.81) Malawi† and Togo [14]; Eritrea [46]
Subsidised Sales and Social Marketing 3.86 (1.34, 7.87) Tanzania†† [14, 39, 47], Malawi† [50], Burkina Faso [40], Senegal [14]
  1. Notes to Table 2. Studies that reported financial costs only e.g. [22, 62] were excluded.
  2. * For Uganda, [4] report costs for two delivery channels in two districts: campaign delivery in both districts, and delivery through antenatal care in one district.
  3. † The Malawi programme relied more heavily on sales in the early years and routine service delivery later on. We classify Stevens et al. [50] as sales but Yukich et al. [14] as integrated delivery because the latter include two additional years of data.
  4. †† For Tanzania we use different sources for different programmes: Yukich et al. [14] for SMARTNET, Mulligan et al. [47] for TNVS, and Hanson et al. [39] for KINET.