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Table 1 Base case and sensitivity analysis values and sources

From: Cost and cost effectiveness of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets - a model-based analysis

Variable Base case Sensitivity analysis Sources
Protective effectiveness of ITNs 5.5 all-cause deaths are prevented per 1000 under-5 s protected every year -
(estimate only relevant if usage is high)
Coverage: number of nets relative to population size 1 million nets distributed to 4 million people, 20% aged under 5 - -
Usage rate in first year after bed net distribution 50% overall
70% under-5 s
30% overall and 50% under-5 s;
30% both overall and under-5 s
See Methods - Programme effect
ITN purchase price USD 4 USD 3 - USD 7 (LLINs)
USD 1 - USD 5 (conventional nets)
Bed net lifespan 3 years 3 - 5 years (LLINs) 1-4 years (conventional nets) [41, 43]
Delivery cost and method USD 1.4 per net
Large-scale free integrated distribution
USD 3.86 per net
Subsidised sales and social marketing
See Table 2
Insecticide retreatment (conventional nets only) 75% of nets are treated annually for USD 0.64 per net 50% treated annually or 75% treated biannually for USD 1.28 per net See Table 3
Replenishment need No replenishment need Increasing/constant/decreasing proportion of nets is lost each year. See Methods -Replenishment
Replenishment net delivery cost - USD 1.4 or USD 3.86 per net See Table 2